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If we categorized educational technologies according to the three memory types in the brain (like I suggested in my book), we would have a useful way to integrate technology into education.

We should strengthen all three memory types to improve learning, and we can do it with technology. Let me know what other technology applications you use and how they can be characterized by these three memory types. Email me through the CONTACT page.

Semantic Memory (Memory for Knowledge)

Thinker Tool provides a pure Newtonian world to promote the understanding of Physics; Stats Invaders is a game based on the video game “Space Invaders” to promote understanding of the random patterns of chance.

Episodic Memory (Memory for Events)

SIM City allows for exploring Urban Planning; The Virtual Holocaust Museum allows for experiencing the events of the Holocaust.

Procedural Memory (Memory for Skills)

Flight Simulators allow pilots learn navigational skills in any weather pattern. Drill-and-practice programs promote skill memory of math, writing and foreign language.