Learning throughout life is increasingly a necessity, but learning in adulthood is wholly different than is learning in childhood. When adults attempt to continuously learn, it is often inefficient, not retained, or leads to information overload. Instead, life-long learning needs to be personalized and self-directed. This site is dedicated to encouraging self-directed, life-long learning beginning in high school and continuing throughout life.

This site is a companion to my book Individualized Learning with Technology - Meeting the Needs of High School Students that promotes learning with technology in high schools to begin the personalized and life-long learning process, including:

  • taking into account each person's varying background and cultural differences.

  • promoting learning methods that are active (e.g. games, simulations) instead of only passive (e.g. lectures, reading), and applying new learning to its useful real world purposes.

  • ensuring that new learning promotes intrinsic motivation instead of only extrinsic motivation.

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